I was very surprised to see a banner at UFAL in front of the library from Students supporting the revolution in Syria (i.e., supporting the “rebels”, “jihadists”, “opposition forces”, “islamic extremists”, …or whatever you want to call them). Even though Assad isn’t a “good guy”, I think people should consider that 1) he is democratically elected, and 2) what will happen to the country if extremists take over. Rather than giving jihadists weapons, I support allowing the people of Syria decide what they want to do with their country using the democratic process, respecting one another, and avoiding, at all costs, a civil war.

Al-Qaida-linked jihadists apologise after beheading ally in error

Syrian activists say jihadists beheaded fellow rebel by mistake after believing him to be a Shia

Syrian jihadists have mistakenly beheaded a wounded fellow Islamist fighter, according to opposition activists.

Rami Abdurrahman of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and another activist in the northern province of Aleppo said al-Qaida-linked fighters of the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant found the wounded rebel in a hospital after a battle with government forces on Wednesday.

They said he was moaning phrases typical of Shia. Shia muslims in Syria and its neighbours have fought on behalf of President Bashar Assad, who comes from an offshoot of the sect.

The fighters later displayed the man’s head before a crowd in Aleppo city. But residents identified it as belonging to a leader of another hardline Islamist rebel group, Ahrar al-Sham.


Key Terms…
  • supporting ↔ que apoiam
  • Even though ↔ Mesmo que
  • take over ↔ assumir o controle
  • Rather than ↔ Em vez de
  • weapons ↔ armas
  • apologise ↔ pedir desculpas
  • beheading ↔ decapitar
  • ally ↔ aliado
  • fellow rebel ↔ rebelde sócio (colega-rebelde)
  • by mistake ↔ por engano (ou: “in error”)
  • mistakenly ↔ por engano
  • wounded ↔ ferido
  • Human Rights ↔ Direitos humanos
  • -linked ↔ (ligados, associados)
  • moaning ↔ gemendo
  • have fought on behalf of ↔ lutaram em nome de
  • an offshoot of ↔ uma variante de
  • before a crowd ↔ diante de uma multidão
  • belonging to ↔ pertencendo a
  • hardline ↔ (extremist)


fellow rebel rebelde sócio (colega-rebelde)
We are fellow members of the same tennis club.
mistakenly por engano
Estas catástrofes são erradamente descritas como catástrofes naturais. ↔These disasters are mistakenly described as natural disasters.
an offshoot of uma variante de
Historicamente, a genética moderna é um desdobramento do movimento eugenista, não o contrário. ↔Historically, modern genetics is an offshoot of the eugenics movement, not the reverse.
Esta lei é um desdobramento do direito medieval vezes na Inglaterra, quando os criminosos foram banidos da sociedade. ↔This law is an offshoot of the medieval times law in England when criminals were banished from the society.
hardline (extremist)
uncompromising; rigidly holding to a set of beliefs


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