Helping People Dress Up for Halloween

Getting People Tricked Out for Halloween


Kodi Hadrick, 25, is the manager — or “boss lady,” as her business card has it — at Abracadabra NYC on West 21st Street, a three-level emporium of costumes, for sale or rent, makeup, wigs, magic supplies, props and other paraphernalia essential to the season. This time of year, it is less a job than a way of life; as Halloween approaches, the store is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. She lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn — “In real estate they call it Clinton Hill, but it’s really Bed-Stuy,” she said — with her boyfriend, Scott Bredengerd, 31, who works in film production, and their dog, Rocko, a pug-boxer mix.

DOUGHNUT TIME I try to get up early so I can have breakfast with my boyfriend. Our dog wakes us up, so it’s kind of hard to sleep in on Sundays. We’re up probably around 8, 8:30. By breakfast I mean a doughnut at Dough . They have the best doughnuts. Like, it’s the best thing ever. I don’t even like doughnuts and I live for these things. My favorite is lemon poppy.

COFFEE? Sometimes. I’m a Dunkin’ girl, Dunkin’ Donuts.

DOG OUT, DOG IN We take him out, then we put him in. He’s not very good with other dogs, and he’s not a very good walker. That’s the first thing we do.

OFF TO WORK I take the C to the F. I try to get in to the store early, just to unwind, have a couple minutes to myself and figure out how the day is going to go, sometimes pick out a costume that we’re going to wear during the season.

DRESSING UP We try to dress up on the weekends, or whenever we want, even during the regular season. Wig Wednesdays, Tattoo Tuesdays, stuff like that.

SHOWGIRL … Last year I put together a showgirl costume, a lot of people loved that one: an elaborate headpiece that I wore, I had a corset, it was all bedazzled and bright; it had boas coming off the back.

… OR MICKEY Every year I try to do a Disney character at least one day. Last year I did Mickey Mouse and my hair was two big buns for my ears, so that was kind of funny.

FLOATING I love to be in the middle of everything with the customers, so I’m always floating around. I’ll try to — I’m very huge on lead by example, so if I’m out there engaging with customers, I expect my staff to engage with customers.

THE CROWD We definitely get the crazy New Yorkers, so that’s always fun. We get everybody, we get kids, we get celebrities, we get every genre of people. We just had Shaq in the store. He was buying some magic. He was humongous. He’s the biggest man ever. He was really fun. He had a blast, I think, with our magician.

NO LUNCH Mostly on Sundays I don’t take a break. If I do I’ll take a quick break while eating a Pop-Tart at my desk.

THIS YEAR’S LOOKS We’ve had a lot of people come in for “Breaking Bad,” and Egyptian’s also really popular lately — pharaohs and Cleopatras.

MINIMAL COSTUMES Now that we do body painting, that’s even an option. We do that downstairs, so they’re not in the middle of everything. Just pasties and panties, and we paint the costume.

HOME AGAIN I get out of the store, try to get home, cook a dinner or at least have a nice dinner. That used to be huge for me when I lived with my parents. It’s much harder. You definitely have to make time.

FAVORITE MEAL I want a steak, I want a potato and a vegetable. And a glass of wine.

SHOWS ONLINE I don’t have cable. I do have shows that I watch, so it’s online. “Dexter” or something, “Breaking Bad.”

BEDTIME I go to bed around 12:30 or 1. I would love to be in bed around 11. But that’s a little unheard-of lately.

HALLOWEEN PLANS? By the time I get out of the store on Halloween, it’s usually midnight, and in my head I’m, like, 50 years old. I try to get some rest, because we have to do it again the next day, especially since Halloween’s on a Thursday this year. We still have people booking appointments through Nov. 1, Nov. 2.

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Key Terms…
  • Tricked Out ↔ Fantasiados
  • as her business card has it ↔ como seu cartão de visita diz
  • costumes ↔ fantasias
  • rent ↔ alugar
  • wigs ↔ perucas
  • props ↔ adereços
  • a way of life; ↔ um estilo de vida
  • as Halloween approaches ↔ a medida que o Dia das Bruxas se aproxima
  • real estate ↔ imóveis
  • mix ↔ mistura de …
  • sleep in ↔ dormir tarde
  • up ↔ acordados
  • doughnut ↔ rosquinha
  • I live for ↔ vivo “em função de”
  • lemon poppy ↔ papoula-limão
  • Dunkin’ Donuts ↔ (lugar famoso de rosquinhas e café)
  • OFF TO WORK ↔ saindo para trabalho
  • unwind ↔ relaxar (lit: desenrolar)
  • figure out ↔ decidir
  • pick out ↔ escolher
  • dress up ↔ fantasiar-se
  • showgirl ↔ dançarina de cabaé
  • headpiece ↔ testeira grande
  • corset ↔ espartilho, corpete
  • bedazzled ↔ deslumbrado
  • boas ↔ penas grandes
  • Disney character ↔ personagem da Disney
  • buns ↔ num formato redondo (lit: “pães”)
  • customers ↔ clientes
  • floating around ↔ flutuando (de lá para cá)
  • engaging with ↔ se envolver com
  • staff ↔ pessoal
  • get ↔ recebemos
  • genre ↔ gênero
  • take a break ↔ dar uma pausa
  • pharaohs ↔ faraós
  • pasties ↔ (lit: pastéis, forma de falar “seios”)
  • panties ↔ calcinhas
  • make time ↔ arrumar o tempo
  • steak ↔ bife
  • wine ↔ vinho
  • cable ↔ tv a cabo
  • unheard-of lately ↔ raro ultimamente
  • booking appointments ↔ marcando consultas


Tricked Out Fantasiados
That car is tricked out bigtime.
sleep in dormir tarde
Not too early. I sleep in Saturday.
Dunkin’ Donuts (lugar famoso de rosquinhas e café)
dunkin’ donuts
OFF TO WORK saindo para trabalho
I gotta get to the apartment and get off to work.
Off to work early, huh?Indo para trabalho cedo, é?
unwind relaxar (lit: desenrolar)
Helen Sinclair suggested we go for a drink to unwind.
Have some time to yourself, relax, unwind?
It’s nice to unwind after work.
Yes, I can understand that you guys wanna unwind a little.
pick out escolher
She picked out three beautiful apples. ↔Ela apanhou três belas maçãs.
She picked out a pink shirt for me to try on. ↔Ela escolheu uma camisa rosa para eu experimentar.
dress up fantasiar-se
I have to dress up. ↔Tenho que ficar chique.
She was dressed up in black. ↔Ela vestia preto.
buns num formato redondo (lit: “pães”)
hair buns
engaging with se envolver com
O pessoal da Comissão deparou-se com dificuldades práticas na colaboração com os INE. ↔Commission staff experienced practical difficulties in engaging with NSAs.
Espero contactar com o senhor deputado e ouvir as suas opiniões e contributos para o debate sobre o Livro Verde. ↔I look forward to engaging with him and hearing his views and contribution to the debate surrounding that Green Paper.
Isto também significa relacionar-se com um público que é esmagadoramente hostil ao conceito de defender os direitos de pessoas na prisão. ↔It also means engaging with a public who are overwhelmingly hostile to the concept of defending the rights of people in prison.
take a break dar uma pausa
Is it okay if I take a break? ↔Tudo bem se eu descansar um pouco? Algum problema se eu parar por um tempo?
Let’s take a break. ↔Vamos dar uma pausa.
make time arrumar o tempo
Reserve tempo para brincar com a família ↔Make Time for Family Play
Reservar algum tempo para ter um contato pessoal com cada um deles. ↔Make time for personal one-on-one contact with them.
Todos nós nos encontramos nesta vida, a tentar ter tempo para nós. ↔We all find ourselves in this life trying to make time for us.
Tentar arrumar um tempo para praticar um exercício leve, como uma caminhada. ↔Try to make time for light exercise, such as taking a walk.
unheard-of lately raro ultimamente
Devido a isso, actualmente, podemos oferecer-lhe uma solução completa por um preço sem precedentes. ↔Because of this we can today offer a complete solution for a previously unheard-of price.
Chegando-se à situação insólita de não ter havido nenhum pedido por parte dos países afectados. ↔We have arrived at the unheard-of situation of there having been no request from the countries affected.
booking appointments marcando consultas
Tudo aqui era novo para nós e era difícil se acostumar até mesmo às coisas mais simples, como tomar o ônibus ou o metrô ou marcar uma consulta no médico. ↔Everything here was new to us and it was hard to get used to even the simplest things such as riding the bus and the metro and booking appointments with doctors.

Audio Notes

  • Tricked Out ↔ Fantasiados

    To “trick something out” is a new term, usually applied to customization of a car, such as adding a Playstation in the car or other expensive features. It basically means to decorate or add (“accessorize”) expensive or interesting things.

  • as her business card has it ↔ como seu cartão de visita diz

    “as something has it”, means “as something says”, “according to what is written”, etc.

  • figure out ↔ decidir

    Natives use “figure out” a lot. It means to understand something, and also, to decide what to do about something.

  • dress up ↔ fantasiar-se

    Often little kids “play dress-up”, meaning they use their parent’s clothes, or wear a costume. “dressing up” can either mean to wear a costume or to put on nice clothes for going to a party.


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