Funny Warnings

Hilarious Warning Labels

Some things in life should go without saying, but there’s always the occasional genius who needs to be told not to shave during an earthquake.

On a salt packet: “Warning: Contains salt.”

On a can of aerosol cheese: “For best results, remove cap.”

On an information booklet: “Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the information in the information booklet.”

On air freshener: “For use by trained personnel only.”

On dog medicine: “Alcohol may intensify the effects.”

On rubbing alcohol: “Avoid contact with eyes, ears, brain, and surrounding membranes.”

On a letter opener: “Safety goggles recommended.”

On a travel pillow: “Do not use while sleeping.”

On a dust mask: “Does not supply oxygen.”

On a disposable razor : “Do not use during an earthquake.”

On a box of dice: “Not for human consumption.”

On a toy called Rubber Band Shooter: “Caution: Shoots rubber bands.”

On a bicycle: “Removing the wheel can influence the performance of the bicycle.”

On a disc-shaped chocolate: “Do not place chocolate into any electronic equipment.”

On a cleaner for eyeglasses: “Not for or direct use in eyes.”

On a birthday badge for two-year-olds (it says “I am 2” on one side): “Not to be used by children under 3 yrs. of age.”

On a dishwasher: “Do not allow children to play in the dishwasher.”

On a can of tuna: “Caution: Contains fish.”

On toilet bowl cleaner: “Safe around pets and children, although it’s not recommended that either be permitted to drink from the toilet.”


Key Terms…
  • Warning Labels ↔ Etiqueta de advertências
  • should go without saying ↔ devem ser óbvias; não devem ser preciso dizer
  • shave ↔ barbear
  • cap ↔ tampa
  • information booklet ↔ folheto informativo
  • air freshener ↔ ambientador
  • trained personnel ↔ pessoal treinado
  • rubbing alcohol ↔ álcool (para limpeza)
  • brain ↔ cérebro
  • letter opener ↔ abridor de cartas
  • Safety goggles ↔ Óculos de segurança
  • dust mask ↔ máscara anti-pó
  • supply ↔ fornece
  • disposable razor ↔ lâmina descartável
  • earthquake ↔ terremoto
  • dice ↔ dados
  • Rubber Band ↔ Elástico
  • Caution ↔ Atenção
  • badge ↔ crachá
  • dishwasher ↔ lava-louças
  • can of tuna ↔ lata de atum
  • toilet bowl ↔ vaso sanitário


should go without saying devem ser óbvias; não devem ser preciso dizer
To be obvious, apparent or clear, or already established.
It goes without saying that our volunteers love their work.


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