High Art

High art from Joshua Redman and Muhal Richard Abrams at Orchestra Hall

Can contemporary jazz improvisation be both challenging and accessible? Smart and attractive? Ultra-sophisticated and thoroughly comprehensible?

The answers were decidedly affirmative on Friday night in Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center, where tenor saxophonist Joshua Redman played a deeply satisfying set that never pandered to popular tastes yet drew warm ovations nonetheless.

Leading his taut quartet in mostly original work, Redman reaffirmed several facets of his art: the translucence of his tone, the intricacies of his phrase-making and the appealing idiosyncrasies of his compositional style. Yet no matter how complex the music-making became, Redman projected it with dramatic force, bringing rhetorical flourish to even the most rarefied ideas, no small feat.

He opened with the serene, solo passages of his “Final Hour,” from his newest album, “Walking Shadows.” The equanimity of his tone, plus its utter lack of vibrato, showed the remarkable control he brings to the tenor saxophone and set the stage for the hard swing eruptions of his “Leap of Faith.” In that work, Redman indicated his conversance with classic bebop phraseology, the man letting one fast-flying line careen into the next.

Yet here, and elsewhere in this set, Redman reminded listeners that it’s possible to build a sense of climax without resorting to noise or ostentation. He achieved the effect simply by quickening rhythms and intensifying the profusion of his ideas.

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Key Terms…
  • sophisticated ↔ sofisticado
  • thoroughly ↔ completamente
  • decidedly affirmative ↔ decididamente afirmativas
  • nonetheless ↔ no entanto
  • Redman reaffirmed several facets of his art ↔ Redman reafirmou várias facetas de sua arte
  • appealing ↔ atraentes
  • Yet no matter ↔ Contudo, não importa
  • no small feat ↔ não é pouca coisa
  • plus its utter lack of vibrato ↔ além de sua total falta de vibrato
  • remarkable ↔ notável
  • bebop ↔ variedade de jazz
  • resorting ↔ recorrer
  • achieved ↔ alcançou
  • simply by quickening ↔ simplesmente acelerando


sophisticated sofisticado
Beauty alone is not impressive. Put an Attitude to be attractive and add Brain to be sophisticated.
thoroughly completamente
Now thoroughly outgunned, it faces some factional friction within its own ranks. ↔Agora completamente desarmados, deparam-se com alguns atritos entre facções dentro de suas próprias fileiras.
Redman reaffirmed several facets of his art Redman reafirmou várias facetas de sua arte
Every one of us got several pieces of fabric. ↔Cada um de nós tem várias peças de tecido.
appealing atraentes
A nice body and a pretty face can be very appealing, but nothing is more attractive than a loyal woman with class and intellect.
plus its utter lack of vibrato além de sua total falta de vibrato
Oh what a disaster. What an utter disaster. How could anyone be so confident about this game again?
resorting recorrer
Endurance is the ability to weather a trial without resorting to sinful means of deliverance. ↔Resistência é a capacidade de resistir a um julgamento sem recorrer a meios pecaminosos de libertação.
achieved alcançou
Remarkably, he achieved elite status without the benefit of year-round training. ↔Notavelmente, ele alcançou o status de elite, sem o benefício do treinamento durante todo o ano.
simply by quickening simplesmente acelerando
Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.
Imagine being able to control a radio device simply by sending a command via radio waves.



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