What the Camera Sees

What the Camera Sees

If you don’t recognize him, who would you guess this young man in the picture to be? A musician posing for an album cover? An actor in a movie? A model on a fashion photoshoot?

This is Lewis Powell in a photograph taken in 1865. Powell was in custody as one of the Lincoln assassination co-conspirators. He was convicted of the attempted assassination of Secretary of State William Seward on the same night Lincoln was killed.

Michael Sacasas takes a deeper look at the photograph, which seems altogether too modern, in the context of how most portraits looked in 1865. Usually it is fairly obvious how old such a pictures are because of the way the subjects are uncomfortable with the camera. After all, it was a fairly new invention at the time. But Powell is staring death in the face, and doesn’t care about the camera’s eye on him and doesn’t feel obligated to cooperate with the photographer. It’s certainly not a normal setting for a portrait. There’s much more in the article at PetaPIxel , which, in addition to analyzing the picture, tells Powell’s story.


Key Terms…
  • in custody ↔ preso
  • convicted ↔ condenado
  • deeper ↔ mais profunda
  • altogether ↔ completamente
  • portraits ↔ retratos
  • fairly ↔ bastante
  • After all ↔ Afinal
  • staring death in the face ↔ de cara com a morte
  • setting ↔ cenário


in custody preso
The police held him in custody. ↔A polícia o manteve sob custódia.
Apesar de muitas dessas pessoas terem sido libertadas, algumas continuam ainda presas. ↔Although most of these detainees have been released, some remain in custody.
convicted condenado
Tom was convicted and sentenced to death. ↔Tom foi condenado e sentenciado à morte.
The convicts had their feet chained up, so that no one escapes. ↔Os condenados tinham os pés em correntes, a fim de que algum não fugisse.
altogether completamente
it was altogether delightfulfoi mesmo encantador
altogether I was pleasedde um modo geral fiquei satisfeito
We are eight altogether. ↔Somos oito no total.
That’s altogether wrong. ↔Isso está completamente errado.
Altogether, things are going well. ↔No geral as coisas estão indo bem.
fairly bastante
I was fairly sure that I would go to the party.
Razoavelmente bem ↔Fairly well.
Ele trata todos da mesma maneira ↔He deals with everyone fairly
Num futuro bastante próximo ↔In the fairly near future


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