“Selfie” Beats Out “Twerk” For Word Of The Year!!

What an honor!!

While Miley Cyrus started the twerk movement this year and brought the dance craze along with the world into every household around the world, it seems as if that wasn’t enough for “twerk” to be declared the word of the year!

The people at Oxford Dictionary chose the word “selfie” to bestow the honor of being the International Word of the Year!

Although there were a number of terminologies added to the Oxford Dictionary this year, one of the requirements for a word to be considered Word of the Year is that it has to “attract a great deal of interest during the year to date.”

Well, we think the word “selfie” has a number of celebrities to thank, starting with Kim Kardashian who set the whole world abuzz with her infamous post-baby selfie!

The world “Selfie” is defined as:

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media.

The word first started gaining momentum in 2002 and it just became a part of everyone’s everyday vocabulary since then!

We wonder how many times the word “selfie” is used in a day!

Everyone should take a selfie in honor of the word today!

P.S. CLICK HERE for the gallery, “Twerk! Selfie! Emoji! 18 Celebrity Examples Of New Additions To Oxford Dictionary!”

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Key Terms…
  • the twerk movement ↔ o movimento “rebolar”
  • the dance craze ↔ a mania da dança
  • household ↔ família
  • it seems as if that wasn’t enough ↔ parece como se isso não fosse suficiente
  • chose ↔ escolheram
  • Although ↔ Embora
  • a number of ↔ uma série de
  • requirements ↔ requisitos
  • a great deal ↔ uma grande quantidade
  • set the whole world abuzz ↔ resultou em muito animação e fofoca por todo o mundo
  • post-baby ↔ pós-bebê
  • gaining momentum ↔ ganhando força/ímpeto
  • everyday vocabulary ↔ vocabulário cotidiano
  • since then ↔ desde então
  • We wonder ↔ Nós nos perguntamos


the dance craze a mania da dança
craze: A short-lived popular fashion; a fad.
Larger-scale farmers react to this local food craze with a degree of skepticism.  
Americans have been down on carbs since the Atkins diet craze over a decade ago.  
More than a craze, discount shopping is becoming a way of life for young Chinese.  
The Troll dolls were a big craze in the 1960s and saw a resurgence in the 1990s.  
household família
head of householdcabeça da família
household namenome famoso, conhecido
At that time, not many households had telephones.
This form should be filled out by the head of the household. [the person in the house who is responsible for making decisions and earning money]
We are going to have a meeting of the whole household tonight. ↔Vamos ter um encontro de toda a família esta noite.
I’d love to be able to spend less time doing household chores. ↔Eu gostaria muito de conseguir não perder tanto tempo nos afazeres domésticos.
chose escolheram
choose – chose – chosen
a number of uma série de
a number of things ↔uma série de coisas
There are a number of movie theaters in this city. ↔Tem vários cinemas neste cidade.
A number of students are absent today. ↔Hoje muitos alunos estão ausentes.
A number of books were stolen. ↔Vários livros foram roubados.
requirements requisitos
He has met the basic/minimum requirements for graduation.
Food is a basic requirement. ↔Comida é uma necessidade básica.
A license is a requirement for driving. ↔A carteira de habilitação é um requisito para dirigir.
a great deal uma grande quantidade
He slept a great deal. ↔Dormia muito.
I’ve a great deal left to learn.´ ↔Ainda tenho muito que aprender.
I suffered a great deal from sea-sickness. ↔Estive muito mal devido ao enjoo.
Your husband has told me a great deal about you.´ ↔O seu marido tem-me falado muito a seu respeito.
set the whole world abuzz resultou em muito animação e fofoca por todo o mundo
abuzz with activity ↔cheio de atividades
The entire town was abuzz (cheio de atividade).
Weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence was just another young actress hoping for a breakthrough role that would set Hollywood abuzz and launch her career into a new stratosphere.  
In the heart of Portugal, amid the mountains, the month of August is abuzz with people and activity. ↔No coração de Portugal, em meio às montanhas, o mês de agosto é repleto de pessoas e atividades.
We wonder Nós nos perguntamos
I wonder where …? ↔Onde será que…?
I wonder what happened. ↔Eu gostaria de saber o que aconteceu
Eu me pergunto porque ele está tão bravo. ↔I wonder why he is so angry.


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