Why People Quit

Languages and why a lot of people quit before they even start

A lot of people say they’d love to learn a new language, that they will learn a new language. And the sad thing is that most of these people quit before they even start. They may buy a course book, but will not get past the first two chapters before giving up. Here are the reasons why:

4. Daydreaming

It’s crazy, but most people want to be proficient in a language in under two or three weeks. And if after only ONE week of studying, they still don’t understand a lot of what they hear or read, they give up. People have these crazy expectations and they don’t realize that a language is something that takes time, much time in fact, and something that -like a plant- has to be watered everyday. Be realistic when setting your goals. If fluency in three weeks is what you want, be prepared for disappointment.

3. No self- discipline

People will give up because they realize that language learning has become ‘boring’ or they actually don’t want to learn the language anymore. These people begin to realize that language learning is going to be a gigantic task and decide to stop right there. After all, it’s much easier to go do something else than sit down and study a new language.

2. Errors

I take errors positively. And usually when I’m doing my exercises I don’t really care about them. I get all my stuff corrected by a friend who is a native French speaker so he weeds out the errors and I go over them and try not to make them again in the future. But most people will take errors negatively, and will become despaired if they make a lot of them. Note: Errors are natural, you can not learn a new language without making errors.

Also, some people are embarrassed over possibly making errors, which I find completely foolish.

1. Lazy

Do I actually need to explain this?

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Key Terms…
  • quit ↔ desistir
  • course book ↔ livro didático
  • giving up ↔ desistir
  • Daydreaming ↔ Fantasiar, Devanear
  • in under ↔ em menos do que
  • give up ↔ desistir
  • watered ↔ regado
  • Be realistic ↔ Seja realista
  • setting your goals ↔ definindo de seus objetivos
  • boring ↔ chato
  • anymore ↔ mais
  • task ↔ tarefa
  • right there ↔ nesse exato momento
  • something else ↔ outra coisa
  • I take errors positively ↔ Eu levo erros por lado positivo
  • I don’t really care ↔ Eu realmente não me importo
  • weeds out ↔ separa,elimina (coisas indesejáveis)
  • foolish ↔ tolo
  • Lazy ↔ Preguiça


course book livro didático
Os alunos devem adquirir um manual escolar no início dos cursos. ↔Students are expected to buy a course book at the beginning of the year
giving up desistir
You should give up smoking. ↔Você deveria parar de fumar.
Don’t give up hope. ↔Não perca as esperanças.
Daydreaming Fantasiar, Devanear
Instead of studying, he spent the afternoon daydreaming about his vacation.
anymore mais
não consigo mais ouvi-lo ↔I can’t hear him anymore
Você vai ter que tomar um partido. Não pode mais simplesmente ficar em cima do muro! ↔You’ll have to take sides. You can’t just sit on the fence anymore!
task tarefa
sentir-se à altura da tarefa ↔to feel adequate to the task
I was unable to complete the task. ↔Não consegui terminar a tarefa.
weeds out separa,elimina (coisas indesejáveis)

weed out – remove unwanted elements;

“The company weeded out the incompetent people”; “The new law weeds out the old inequities”

That will likely lead to renewed strength after it weeds out the weaker players.  
A slowing economy weeds out the merely good companies from the truly great ones.  
When you have a crisis like this, it sort of weeds out the weaker companies.  


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