Robots help against rising labor costs

Robots to counter soaring labor costs’ in China

Zhejiang province is to invest 500 billion yuan ($82 billion) over the next five years to encourage manufacturers to adopt more robots to overcome the short supply and high cost of labor.

The program is underway and will help at least 5,000 companies a year, a source with the investment division of the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission told China Daily, without giving details.

Replacing humans with robots is the most effective way to tackle the labor shortage and rising labor costs, the commission said.

From 2005 to 2012, average labor costs in Zhejiang, a hub for private manufacturing enterprises, almost tripled from 14,847 yuan to 41,370 yuan a year, with an annual increase of nearly 16 percent.

In a survey conducted by the commission in May, 75 percent of respondents said rising costs were the main reason for switching to robots.

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Key Terms…
  • counter ↔ contrapor; lutar contra; responder
  • soaring labor costs’ ↔ crescentes custos trabalhistas
  • is to invest ↔ é para investir
  • over ↔ durante
  • manufacturers ↔ fabricantes
  • overcome ↔ superar
  • short supply ↔ falta
  • is underway ↔ está em andamento
  • at least ↔ pelo menos
  • a year ↔ cada ano
  • source ↔ fonte
  • Replacing ↔ Substituir
  • the most effective way ↔ a forma mais eficaz
  • tackle ↔ tratar
  • hub ↔ foco de atividade
  • annual increase ↔ aumento anual
  • survey ↔ pesquisa, enquete
  • conducted by ↔ realizado por
  • the main reason ↔ o principal motivo
  • switching to ↔ mudar para, alterar para


counter contrapor; lutar contra; responder
an action that you take in order to oppose or stop something or reduce its negative effect
soaring labor costs’ crescentes custos trabalhistas
redução do custo de mão-de-obra de compra e montagem pelo cliente. ↔reduction of acquisition and labor costs and assembly by the customer.
Isso melhora a eficiência e, portanto, reduz os custos do trabalho. ↔This improves efficiency, and thus saves on labor costs.
short supply falta
The iPhone 4S is still in short supply at all three of the US’wireless carriers.  
Wastewater treatment requires electricity, and power is usually in short supply.  
is underway está em andamento
Rescue efforts are underway to find the lost climbers.
The concert got underway (começou) at exactly 8.00.
tackle tratar
To begin with, we must tackle the problem. ↔Em primeiro lugar, precisamos tentar resolver o problema.
Como é que o tema é enfrentado no primeiro mundo e nos países como o nosso? ↔How is the problem tackled in the first world and in countries such as ours?
As duas últimas pesquisas, realizadas em 2008 e 2009, abordaram temas distintos. ↔The latest two researches, those of 2008 and 2009, tackled different themes.
Imaginar que esses assuntos possam ser abordados separadamente não resolve o problema concreto. ↔Thinking these issues can be tackled separately is to miss the real problem.
hub foco de atividade
the most important place where a particular activity takes place
conducted by realizado por
The study was conducted by a research team of the University of Texas at Dallas.  
The audit, dated Wednesday, was conducted by the city’s internal audit division.  
Interviews were conducted by 103 trained Iraqi interviewers with 27 supervisors.  
Estes padrões têm por base uma análise de risco realizada pelo Eurosistema. ↔Those standards are based on a risk analysis conducted by the Eurosystem.
Espero que, no futuro, sejam desenvolvidas reflexões por um conselho de peritos. ↔I hope that, in future, assessments are conducted by a committee of experts.
switching to mudar para, alterar para
Tem o poder de fazer uma diferença real, bastando para tal mudar para uma iluminação eficiente em termos energéticos. ↔You have the power to make a real difference by simply switching to energy efficient lighting.
Se você tiver problemas para reproduzir CDs gravados, considere alternar para outra marca ou cor de CD virgem. ↔If you experience problems playing burned CDs, you should consider switching to another brand or colour of blank CD.


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