New Smartpen

Livescribe’s beautiful new smartpen turns pen and paper into apps and pixels

Livescribe 3

We may be constantly staring into our phones and laptops, but Livescribe CEO Gilles Bouchard says pen and paper are more popular than ever — and he has data to back it up. We want to write and draw the way we always have, he says, but we also want all the sharing, instant access, and searchability that come with our many apps and websites. So Bouchard and Livescribe set out to build a device to bridge that gap, and today it’s announcing the result — the new Livescribe 3.

Livescribe is still for digitizing your notes – but it’s smarter now

The Livescribe 3’s primary job hasn’t changed: it takes notes in special notebooks, and digitizes everything you write or draw. But this time, instead of a clunky desktop app or Evernote syncing, Livescribe’s built its own app, called Livecribe+, for syncing, viewing, and sharing everything you write.


The app is beautiful, simple, and surprisingly versatile. It recognizes everything you write in discrete sections, treating pages as pages but also phone numbers and addresses as their own entities, searchable and sortable not only by page but by time and by their content. Write a phone number, and seconds later you can add it to your phone book with just one tap. Write an address, sync it, tap it, and view it in Maps. You can select snippets or pages and share them as PDFs, or save them quickly to other apps.

There’s almost no technology in the pen itself — everything from the microphone to the internet connection is stored in your iOS device (Android support is coming soon). That’s how the company made such a small, comfortable device, but it also means you’ll always need a phone to capture audio or sync data. The pen connects via Bluetooth, and constantly sends data; anything I wrote showed up on my connected iPad after only a second or so. The pen’s battery is rated to last 14 hours, though even when it’s “dead” it’s still a pen; your data syncs when you connect it next.


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Key Terms…
  • staring into ↔ olhando para
  • to back it up ↔ para defender/apoiá-la (provar que algo é verdade)
  • set out to build ↔ começaram/decediram a construir
  • bridge that gap ↔ foneçer o que falta (lit: “construir um ponte neste espaço”)
  • smarter ↔ mais inteligente
  • takes notes ↔ faz anotações
  • clunky ↔ desajeitado
  • desktop app ↔ aplicativo de PC
  • surprisingly versatile ↔ surpreendentemente versátil
  • discrete sections ↔ seções distintas
  • sortable ↔ classificáveis
  • tap ↔ toque
  • snippets ↔ (trecho de uma página)
  • in the pen itself ↔ na caneta por si
  • stored ↔ armazenadas
  • coming soon ↔ em breve
  • showed up ↔ apareceu
  • or so ↔ …mais ou menos
  • is rated to last 14 hours ↔ com classe de duração de 14 horas
  • when you connect it next ↔ ao conectá-lo na próxima vez


to back it up para defender/apoiá-la (provar que algo é verdade)
His claims are backed up by recent research.
set out to build começaram/decediram a construir
to start doing or working on something in order to achieve an aim
When we set out on this project, we knew it would be difficult.
They set out to build their own house.
clunky desajeitado
Uploading photos and video to Facebook is like watching paint dry. How the hell did a site so clunky ever get so popular?
Anybody got a pair of touring skis gathering dust in a garage they’d like to get rid of? Doesn’t matter how old or clunky!
Samsung Smart TVs are so slow, and the interface is so clunky and broken, why do they even make ’em? It’s so discouraging to even try it.
Question: Do perhaps the majority of Windows 8/Windows RT “modern” apps seem clunky and unfinished to you?
showed up apareceu
She did not show up at the party yesterday. ↔Ela não apareceu na festa ontem.
Por fim, pescadores viveram tranqüilamente naquelas terras, até que apareceu ela. ↔At last, fishermen lived calmly in the area, until she showed up.
Diversas referências às suas intervenções aparecem no documento final da Assembleia. ↔A number of references of his talks showed up in the final document of the Assembly.
is rated to last 14 hours com classe de duração de 14 horas
Cada componente é de classe “A” em matéria de resistência ao fogo. ↔Every component is rated to a Class “A” fire rating.
As bombas microprocessadas 720N recebem apenas classificação NEMA 4X (uso interno). ↔720S cased pumps are rated to NEMA 4X (indoor use) only.
Esses bicos são normalmente indicados para serem usados em pulverizações de alta pressão. ↔These nozzles are normally rated to be used at higher spraying pressures.
Nossos equipamentos tem capacidade de executar trepanações em pressões de até 5000 psi (345 bar). ↔Our equipment is rated to drill up to a pressure of 5000 psi (345 bar).


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