Movie Subs

Movie translations made possible by

60 Seconds

A Good Woman

A Pessoa E Para O Que Nasce

Abre Los Ojos


Alien Vs Predator

Allegro Non Troppo

Altered States

AmericanPie 2






Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams

Dances with Wolves

Feliz Ano Velho


Ghosts on Mars

Please keep in mind that many movie translations are far from perfect.

I’ve posted a large number of subs which can be downloaed here.

6 thoughts on “Movie Subs

  1. Eu sugiro também “Lisbela e o prisioneiro” é um filme brasileiro uma comédia romantica , esse filme foi feito no nordeste e pra quem quer saber um pouco do portugues e da linguagem nordestina é uma ótima opção, além de ser um filme excelente.

  2. More subs from 2010 can be downloaded here:

    Per my previous post (several years ago), the best way I know of to use these is getting them into Scrapbook. …i.e., Scrapbook is a firefox extension for saving web pages, and enables searching of saved pages. So just put all the HTML files into a folder, copy the folder address into the Firefox, and “capture” the page (with depth “1”). Now, by simply pressing Alt-K in Firefox, you’ll have an easy way to find out how to say something while writing an email, etc.

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