Woman to give letters to fat kids

No Halloween candy for you: N.D. woman to hand out letters to chubby kids


A North Dakota woman told a local radio station that on Halloween she will give children she considers obese a sternly-worded letter for their parents along with candy.

The woman, who gave her name only as “Cheryl,” said she would still hand out candy but planned to give some trick-or-treaters a sealed envelope with a letter for their parents, she said Tuesday in a call to a radio station in Fargo.

“I am not denying any of the kids candy,” she said. “I am just hoping the parents are going to read this and think about it while they watch their kids get into bigger and bigger sizes of clothes,” according to a recording of the radio show.

“As far as we know Cheryl is a local Fargo woman that thinks it is her mission to watch out for the overweight children of Fargo,” radio host Corey Schaffer said Wednesday.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has said the percentage of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years in the United States who were obese in 2010 was 17 percent.

Schaffer, who goes by Zero as a host of the Y94 show, said the woman exchanged emails with the station for a couple of days and was scheduled in advance to call in Tuesday.

Schaffer said Cheryl’s Halloween plan has sparked some “nasty, nasty responses.”

Among the responses was “Ready, Eggs, FIRE.” Others suggested she pass out healthier treats or not answer her door.

Cheryl’s letter reads in part, “Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.

”My hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits.“

Halloween has been a season of radio pranks since Orson Welles radio broadcast adaptation of ”War of the Worlds“ sparked fears of an East Coast alien invasion 75 years ago, but Schaffer said the station was not perpetrating a hoax and he did not believe Cheryl was either.

In the radio appearance, the woman said, ”I just think that parents should take more responsibility for their kids becoming little fat kids.“

Cheryl added, ”I don’t want to be the mean lady. I don’t want to be the lady that everybody avoids.“

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Key Terms…
  • obese ↔ obeso
  • sternly-worded ↔ severamente-formulada
  • along with ↔ juntamente com
  • sealed envelope ↔ envelope lacrado
  • sizes ↔ tamanhos
  • recording ↔ gravação
  • to watch out for ↔ observar (ser atenta a algum perigo)
  • overweight ↔ excesso de peso
  • radio host ↔ apresentador de rádio
  • who goes by Zero ↔ conhecido como Zero
  • scheduled in advance ↔ agendadas com antecedência
  • sparked ↔ provocou
  • nasty ↔ desagradável, horrível
  • FIRE ↔ “atira” (para jogar ovos)
  • pass out ↔ dar, dispersar
  • to the extent of ↔ ao ponto de, tanto quanto
  • step up as a parent ↔ tomar mais responsibilidade como um pai
  • ration ↔ racionar, distribuir
  • pranks ↔ brincadeiras
  • sparked fears ↔ provocou temores
  • perpetrating a hoax ↔ perpetrar uma fraude
  • mean ↔ malvada


sternly-worded severamente-formulada
Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character
In a sternly worded letter, Councilman Ronnie Steine said he wants answers to why the department is facing $1 million in overruns over the past year.  
to watch out for observar (ser atenta a algum perigo)
If you don’t watch out you could fall.
The shepherds watched over their sheep.
Cuidado com as lombadas lá na frente! ↔Watch out for the bumps up ahead!
Watch out! There’s a speed camera. ↔Preste atenção! Há um radar de velocidade.
os moradores de Minas Gerais devem se precaver contra a ocorrência de temporais neste fim de semana ↔the inhabitants of Minas should watch out for (guard themselves against) the occurrence of thunderstorms this weekend
If you go into the forest, watch out for the ogres who eat children! ↔Se você for na floresta, cuidado com os ogros que comem crianças!
Aqui estão algumas dicas mais detalhadas do que você deve prestar atenção para evitar ser vítima de um phishing scam ↔Here are some more detailed tips of what to watch out for to avoid being the victim of a phishing scam
who goes by Zero conhecido como Zero
Marín, conhecido como “Beto Marín”, é suspeito de integrar o cartel Norte del Valle. ↔Marín, who goes by the alias “Beto Marín,” is suspected of being a member of the Norte del Valle cartel.
sparked provocou
Apparently this hallmark Christmas decoration has sparked outrage and controversy!
Video of school student being murdered in KZN has sparked debate in media circles.
Rihanna has sparked controversy with her new mosque photos, but what do you think of her covering up in a hijab?
step up as a parent tomar mais responsibilidade como um pai
Kim English must step up, as Marcus Denmon has, and become a consistent force.  
We need business leaders, government officials, and the public to step up as well.  
Now Matt must step up as a parent, because a boating accident has put his wife in a coma.  
I think we the people should step up as individuals to get this job done.  
pranks brincadeiras
I hope it was a prank! ↔Espero que tenha sido uma brincadeira!
Mentiras de Primeiro de Abril. ↔April Fools Pranks.
Não estou brincando ↔This isn’ t a prank
Vão pregar peças em outros ↔Play your pranks on someone else
sparked fears provocou temores
That sparked fears among other creditors and vendors that Mervyns couldn’t pay its bills.  
The Irish crisis sparked fears that Spain and Portugal could suffer a similar fate, which kept up the pressure on banks.  
perpetrating a hoax perpetrar uma fraude
By pretending they didn’t exist, Mr. Obama was perpetrating a hoax that created unattainable expectations.  
Two days later, Alderden accused the Heenes of perpetrating a hoax for publicity and said he would recommend criminal charges.  
The students later denied the woman’s account of their conversation, but police say the men could face charges if they were perpetrating a hoax.  
mean malvada
Scrooge was a nasty, mean old man who treated kids with contempt.  
He’s turned into the mean old guy next door who won’t give us our ball back.  
Donald Trump’s generation of mean old white men will be taken care of by evolution as female stop mating with them.  


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