[Vocab] Trick

When I look at the word “trick” alone, I usually relate it to a magic trick, or in Portuguese: truque de mágica.  So your first impression might be: trick = truque, easy!  “Trick” is used very broadly in English, it can mean “gimmick”, “ruse”, “misleading someone”, and we can’t use “truque” in all of these instances, at least, not so easily.  I’ll just give some common phrases that you can try to work into your vocabulary:


truque de mágica (magic trick)
truque sujo; golpe sujo (dirty trick)


Fui enganada! (I was tricked!)

Antics, Mischief

doces ou travessuras? (trick or treat?)
se ele cometer alguma travessura (if he ever gets up to anything)

Ruse, Cunning

através de artimanhas (trick one’s way into something; through trickery)
a artimanha do costume; velho artifício; velho truque (same old trick)

Gimmick, Smokescreen, Decoy

formas de engano ou artifício (forms of deception or contrivance)
fogos de artifício (fireworks)
artifícios contábeis (accounting tricks/gimmicks)


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