[Vocab] Require / Requirement

In English, we throw the word “require” around often, often unnecessarily.  In everyday speech in Brazil, you’re more likely to encounter a simpler word substituted, e.g.,

I shall require
Vou precisar/querer/pedir

He has all the experience I require.
Ele tem toda a experiência que procuro.

…(something) is required.
…(algo) é necessário.

The most common translation is REQUERER, as used in the following examples

I think this situation requires
Acho que esta situação requer

Your presence is required/requested.
Sua presença é requerida.

That would require over 400,000 changes.
Isso iria requerer mais de 400 mil alterações.

But when using to mean “demand” in a stronger sense, the verb EXIGIR may be used.

It’s a requirement under the law
É uma exigência da lei

Naturally, this requires…Isto naturalmente exige

It only requires that…
Exige apenas que…

…isn’t needed as much as (he) used to be… / …isn’t required so much as (he) was…
…não é tão exigido como era…

…was hardly necessary/required.
…foi pouco exigido.

With respect to the noun REQUIREMENT, beware of false cognates:

Requirement generally means requisito (also: pré-requisito = prerequisite)
Whereas a false cognate requerimento generally means request, petition, or application

A quick example of using REQUISITO:

Having good taste is a key requirement when docorating a home.
Ter bom gosto é requisito fundamental na hora de decorar uma casa.

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