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If you’ve ever made use of my movie translations (side-by-side subtitles, saved as HTML), I’ve added a mere 12 more.  See the link in the comments section of the Movies Translations page to download.

The original post was from 2007, and to this day I still use the Firefox add-on “Scrapbook” as a search enabler for these files.

Example Using Scrapbook: “Dragged Through”

Suppose you’re writing an email, and you can’t decide if “dragged through” should be translated as “arrastado no”, “arrastado pelo”, or “arrastado para o”.  By pressing Alt-K, you can quickly bring up Scrapbook.  The picture below illustrates the results for “drag”.  From my database of movie subtitles, there was a match “dragged through”:

dragged through (the mud) =arrastada pro (meio da lama)

This helps a little bit.  Just for fun, let’s look at some of the other results for “drag” to get a better sense of how to use this verb is used in conjunction with prepositions:

drag him off =separem os dois (translations depend on context)

drag myself home = me arrasto pra casa

Just one drag! = Só uma tragada!

drag you into bed = te levar pra cama

I’m sorry to drag you out so early = Desculpe vir incomoda-lo tão cedo

drag race = uma corrida

dragging themselves through the streets = arrastando-se pelas ruas

drag him here = trazê-lo até aqui

drags me down here = me trouxe aqui

That guy is really a drag = Esse cara é um chato

It’s interesting to note that many translations are done by volunteers who provide legendas for pirated American movies even before being released on DVD.  There are a few forums on the web where these people chat and provide updates for when the legenda will be ready.

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