[Vocab] Similar-Sounding Words

Not necessarily homophones, but words with a similar spelling have given me trouble in the past.  Imagine yourself immersed in a language, hearing 100s of new words each day,  and in your attempt to categorize the words in your head, you might start to lose count with words like:

  • buraco            hole
  • burro               stupid
  • borracha        rubber, hose
  • borrada/o     stained
  • barraca/o      tent/shed
  • barro               clay
  • barranco        ravine
  • barata             cockroach
  • barroco          baroque
  • barraco          end badly
  • barrenta        muddy

Even more common words like the following have left me lost for words trying to pull the right one out:

  • careca        bald
  • caretas       faces
  • caneca        mug
  • caneta         pen
  • carranca    gargoyle
  • carreta        wagon

So anyway, if you’re anything like me, maybe it will help to review these, find a nice, organized place in your head to store them.

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